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In 1972, Pope Paul VI restored the role of lector to the official status of a ministry.

The Mass is a unified act in which we are an integral part. As Lectors, we are called to proclaim The Word of the Lord.

It is important that we know the discipline of oral interpretation to provide us with some valuable insight and attitudes in our approach to Proclaiming the Word of the Lord. We must understand what we are called to serve and have characteristics of good public reading.

Our Lectors are responsible for the first and second Sunday readings as well as the Prayers of the Faithful that are an essential part of the liturgy that make up the Mass. We are storytellers of the living and powerful Word of God. This is the fundamental reason for this Ministry. It calls for us to grow in a warm and loving knowledge of Scripture and share the living Word of God through the art of oral interpretation.

If you have any questions regarding this ministry please contact Sheila L. Jackson at (954)742-5488.