March 5      Monday          Rehearsal, Students Only –

                                          ALL MONDAY & SATURDAY Students

                                         C2MA,C2MB, C2MC, C2MD, P3MA, C2SA, C2SB– 6:00pm - 8:15pm

                                         Report to classrooms - Attendance is Mandatory


March  7      Wednesday      Rehearsal, Students Only- ALL WEDNESDAY Students     

                                             C2WA, C2WB, C2WC, C2WS, C2WW, - 6:00pm - 8:15pm

                                             Report to classrooms—Attendance is Mandatory                          


March  9      Friday               Rehearsal, Sponsor and Student-Attendance is Mandatory

                                             6:30PM - C2MA, C2MB, C2MC, C2MD, P3MA, C2SA, C2SB

                                             7:30PM - C2WA,C2WB,C2WC,C2WS, C2WW


March   10  Saturday             Confirmation Ceremony

                                                9:30AM –   C2MA,C2MB,C2MC,C2MD, P3MA, C2SA, C2SB

                                               12:30PM – C2WA,C2WB,C2WC,C2WS, C2WW,








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