Our ministry exists to reach out to those members of our community who find themselves in physical or financial need. We attempt to provide services to needy families regardless of religion, race or beliefs.

The keystone of the Society is the personal service to the needy in their homes by providing temporary financial assistance when there is an urgent need. In addition to financial help, we provide referrals for food, clothing and furniture. We also help direct individuals to other organizations or services that may be able to provide further assistance. All help is provided with strict confidentiality.

If you have any questions regarding this ministry please contact St. Vincent de Paul Society at (954)476-4338x1011.

Oh God...
When I have food,
Help me feed the hungry.
When I have work,
Help me remember the jobless.
When I have a warm home,
Help me remember the homeless.
When I am in pain,
Help me remember the suffering.
And remembering
Help me crush my own importance
and awaken my compassion
Make me concerned enough to help
by word and deed for those who cry
out for what I have taken for granted